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Application of consulting

With many years of experience and technology to customers on-site field investigation, to provide you with a reasonable and economic optimization plan, optimize your production process, for you in the process of competition to gain an advantage, strive for lower cost, the most efficient advantage.

Process optimization


Task analysis

In the preparation stage, our technicians will visit your factory and provide you with reasonable production Suggestions according to your requirements.

Core :benefits    safety    quality

Through the improvement of component quality, production efficiency, production process, the use of radium ze product functions more efficient production. Through on-site consultation, find problems and improve with the engineer of radium.


Safety production

Experts provide you with a variety of support during the initial production phase of machine tools, providing on-site training, from machine maintenance to operation, so that you can not only safely use your own products, but also lay the foundation for efficient production.

Efficient production

After installation and commissioning, our engineers will use your parts to grind your equipment together. During the preparation phase, work with you to negotiate the details of production support. In the meantime, your staff will learn additional details about the use of the machine tools.




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