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Enjoy the benefits of next-generation laser marking

Luxurious marble countertops are far more visually stunning than sheet metal countertops, resistant to acid and alkali oil stains, and adapt to harsh environments. They are far superior to the flatness and stability of sheet metal countertops, and provide a solid and stable foundation for the accuracy of the entire equipment. Integrated smoke purifier can be integrated with electric lift。

Double red light positioning

Reduces concentration time by 90% and improves work efficiency by more than 50%

360 ° rotatable marking

Versatile machine using segmented rotary marking for a cost-effective process。

Using Japanese IDEC switch button

Yellow and white illuminated buttons are specially designed for 8% of the world's green blind。


German technology, high speed and high precision galvanometer, up to 2000mm / s

Oversized display

Super clear effect at your fingertips

Intelligent control panel

Easy to operate, simple, fast and efficient are its biggest advantages



Optical parameter
wavelength< 1064nm
Output Power20W Optional
Laser isolatorBuilt-in
Frequency adjustable rangeDifferent lasers, different parameters
Marking parameters
Maximum speed2500mm/s-20000nm/s
positioning accuracy0.001mm
Light output characteristics
Marking format110×110175×175220×220330×330
Minimum line width0.01mm
Min character0.2mm
System property
Power supplyAC 220V/50Hz
Range of focal length adjustment500mm
Ambient temperature0-40℃

Technical data sheet

Technical data for all product variants for download


TruTops Mark

TruTops Mark 标刻软件使采用 TruMark 激光打标机的标刻尽可能简单。 TruTops Mark 程序包括标刻软件、CAD 编辑器、激光参数与接口管理、带 QuickFlow 的顺序编程及诊断工具 。通过可直观操作的界面掌控所有功能。使用 CAD 编辑器可轻松绘制与布置图形对象。 激光参数数据库允许不断重复使用最优参数。通过流程编程功能 QuickFlow 生成"Pick-and-Drop”程序, 其可从头至尾控制整个标刻循环。诊断工具将其传感器采集的模拟测量值可视化并予以分析。


Sliding processing platform

Achieve more convenient loading and unloading and expand the marking format


Field lens

Expand your marking range for greater flexibility in part size。


Operation package

Operation includes display, keyboard and mouse for operating laser marking machined。


Dust removal system

The optional external discharge suction device is used to make its related operations safer, environmentally friendly and reliable.


Electric lift

One-button operation is convenient, flexible and beautiful.


Spin chuck

Marking of symmetrically rotating workpieces is possible, enabling high-quality circumferential marking。

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