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Laser welding machine of high degree of automation welding process is simple. The non-contact operation method can meet the requirements of cleanliness and environmental protection. Using the laser welding machine to process the workpiece can improve the work efficiency, the finished workpiece appearance is beautiful, the welding seam is small, the welding depth is big, the welding quality is high。

Save energy materials

No solder, no chemical pollution, no noise, energy saving。

Efficient and durable

Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, long service life。

Wide application

Laser energy, pulse width, frequency adjustable, suitable for welding of various metals。

Large surface work platform

Oversized work surface, humanized design, suitable for a long time and reduce fatigue。

Efficient environmental protection

High speed, high efficiency, small heat affected area, high quality solder joint, no pollution, high efficiency and environmental protection。

The solder joint is beautiful and does not change color

High speed welding technology, instant solidification, ensure the welding spot beautiful, not easy to change color。



The surface of the workpiece is discolored by local thermal effects. The return color varies according to the raw material and energy input. During this time the surface remains smooth - so dirt cannot be deposited。




modelsLZ-W Laser welding machine
Average output500W-2000W
Monopulse maximum energy50-100J
The laser wavelength,1080nm
Optical fiber core diameter100um
The depth of the weld0.1-4mm
Spot size0.3-3mm
The visual systemCCDA visual image
The power supply220V/380V
Degree of output instability2-6KW
The work environment10-40℃,There is no source,
Cooling way10-40℃,humidity5-85% Water cooled
Laser typeContinuous light laser
Standard work tableX500*Y300*Z200

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TruTops Mark

TruTops Mark 标刻软件使采用 TruMark 激光打标机的标刻尽可能简单。 TruTops Mark 程序包括标刻软件、CAD 编辑器、激光参数与接口管理、带 QuickFlow 的顺序编程及诊断工具 。通过可直观操作的界面掌控所有功能。使用 CAD 编辑器可轻松绘制与布置图形对象。 激光参数数据库允许不断重复使用最优参数。通过流程编程功能 QuickFlow 生成"Pick-and-Drop”程序, 其可从头至尾控制整个标刻循环。诊断工具将其传感器采集的模拟测量值可视化并予以分析。

Other options for laser welding machines can optimize the production process and help improve ease of use。


Automatic unit

Laser laser provides you with more reasonable automation components, from the semi-automation to the use of the warehouse connection of automatic processing space, laser ze can provide for the optimization of process chain solutions。


Up-down material

Enter into automation: realize automatic loading of raw plates by machines, automatically, at high speed, and without manual overburden, while ensuring the safety of the process.


Auxiliary pallet operation

Flexible handling of materials。


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