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Shandong radize intelligent technology is a high-tech company which provides intelligent laser solutions. It has maintained good cooperative relations with Shanghai institute of optics and precision mechanics of Chinese academy of sciences, institute of optoelectronics of shandong university of science and technology, institute of optoelectronics of Beijing jiaotong university, science and technology incubator park of north gyeongsang, South Korea and other research institutions. Laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine, laser cleaning machine, laser engraving machine and other types of leading equipment, mainly exported to the United States, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Israel, Germany and European countries and other places; The introduction of advanced German fast laser forming laser cutting machine production line, as well as the first flexible laser marking machine production line and other laser equipment intelligent, automatic production line, to ensure the industrialization of the annual output of 200 laser cutting machine and 2000 laser marking machine productivity; We have the management philosophy of "employees speak self-esteem, pursue the highest satisfaction of employees, and pursue the ultimate customer experience". In September 2018, he won the second place in the high-end equipment field of entrepreneurial enterprises in the first "entrepreneurship qilu · win-win future" high-level talent entrepreneurship competition of shandong province. In 2019, yan jingchuan, chairman of the board, was awarded as the leading talent of talents, science and technology entrepreneurship of mount tai. In 2020, it will have a laser industrial park of 170.9 mu (220353㎡), leading the development of laser processing and laser application industry in north China.

Radiazer technology not only provides customers with innovative and high-quality products, but also provides customers with solutions in aspects of sheet metal processing, laser equipment and intelligent application of assembly line. We are committed to helping customers change processes to produce more competitive products, improve efficiency, and achieve continued competitive advantage in the market.


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