Whether it's about the design of a single component or the whole production: customized consulting can help you on your way to success. Depending on your needs, you can gain new momentum, optimize individual processes, or work with radium's experts to develop specific plans to meet your production needs.

Personal interest

With the perfect process of adapting to the needs of optimization to promote production to a new level.

Experience adds value

Your strengths: years of experience and expertise in a wide range of applications and industries.

Exquisitely designed parts

The right advice allows you to make better use of materials and choose the right manufacturing process.

Component optimization

Design components more economically -- and save money. Let's think together about how to realize the full potential of the components.

Application of consulting

Use radium's technical know-how and years of experience to build your products. In application consulting, we work together to expand your knowledge and optimize your process.

Additive manufacturing consulting

Whether it is about technology introduction, suitable components or production optimization - please find out how we can provide you with professional advice on additive manufacturing and support you with ingenious solutions.




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